P1000650cWhen I started my current job, they told me I would be the contact person for anyone who was not a member of the university family, who wanted to schedule an event on our university campus. I thought clients would automatically know who to call. But the most common reaction was “who’s Ruth?

I’ve been wondering that myself. Some of my favorite people wonder, too.

Thomas Cooley wrote:  “I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who I think you think I am.”  — Thomas Cooley, Inscriptions: Prairie Poetry

This is who I think I am.

In relationships: I am wife, mother, grandmother; daughter, sister and friend. Mother-in-law. Confidante.  Encourager.

In personality: Quiet, thoughtful, sometimes too blunt. I function best behind-the-scenes. Prefer to take life at a leisurely pace.

My Interests: writing, quilting, amateur carpentry, home decorating. Growing food that can really be eaten, learning new recipes (most are edible 😉 , sharing kitchen time with friends old and new. Reading and dreaming. Genealogy. Gluten-Free foods. Collecting books.

Life experiences: Believer in the God of the Bible. Seeker of truth and wisdom. Breast Cancer survivor. Child of divorce. Committed to strong, stable family.

Life Skills: Computer tech support staff. Administrative Assistant. Seamstress. I’ve made a few wedding dresses, and a lot of children’s clothing. Helped put on a roof, painted many walls, fixed the plumbing. Driven halfway across the nation alone. Served as mission team cook. Camp counselor, Bible study leader. Made a living by doing Upholstery.

I’m not usually bored- there’s always a project – or two or three – in the works. More projects in my head. I’m learning to play the hammered dulcimer, and planning to have a weaving loom in the future.

Who am I? I haven’t found a box to put me in yet. But I know this. I’m fashioned by the Lord, with this crazy mix of interests and experiences and relationships – and I want to become who He thinks I am. Starting from home base, my Little House at the Crossroads.